Climate Champions


Climate Champions are people proving it’s possible to make a massive impact on the planet in a short amount of time. Climate Champions raise funds with friends to replant forests—ten thousand trees at a time–all over the world–to help restore Nature.

The Climate and its Climate Champions have partnered with over 30 tree-planting organizations around the globe who do the hard work of replanting and regrowing forests.

Here are the FAQs.


Mostly because it’s fun to restore Nature by raising funds with friends! Also—and this is key– without Nature, there is no healthy, living Earth. No plants. No animals. No us.

Scientists agree that the fastest way to help restore nature is to plant a trillion trees. The fastest way to do that is to replant forests around the world, ten thousand trees at a time. According to the Arbor Foundation, ten thousand trees can capture a half million pounds of CO2 each year—that’s like taking 50 cars off the road or not burning a quarter million pounds of coal.


Now. It’s time to move fast and grow trees.

Right now, The Climate’s tree planting partners are offering opportunities to replant forests in Europe: in France, Germany or Spain; in the USA in California, the Pacific Northwest or West Virginia; and to replant mangrove forests in Madagascar, each, ten thousand trees at a time.


You can join our team by clicking on the Donate button below–or better yet—you can start your own team of Climate Champions! Contact us at and let us help you and your friends prove that a small group of people can have a massive impact in a short amount of time.

When a small group of us comes together, we can create a huge impact in the world.
Join our team – let’s do this together!


Thanks for wanting to become a Climate Champion, but this campaign is now closed. However, another opportunity to become a Climate Champion will launch very soon.

If you want to be part of a small group of people taking massive action in a short amount of time, please leave us your email, and we promise to let you know when that’s about to begin.